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End of year letter16.07.2024Download HERE
Matrix Parent App18.07.2024Download HERE
Safeguarding16.07.2024Download HERE
Ofsted Letter 08.07.2024Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh - Silver Award 2024-2025 08.07.2024Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Award 2024-202508.07.2024Download HERE
Pre-registration School Photographs04.07.2024Download HERE
A Level Results Day28.06.2024Download HERE
GCSE Results Day28.06.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Prom27.06.2024Download HERE
Assemblies26.06.2024Download HERE
Safeguarding Letter19.06.2024Download HERE
Personal Development Programme18.06.2024Download HERE
A Midsummer Night's Dream14.06.2024Download HERE
MADD Evening Showcase - 4th July14.06.2024Download HERE
UCAS Discovery12.06.2024Download HERE
TikTok Letter10.06.2024Download HERE
Year 6 Transition Letter04.06.2024Download HERE
Year 12 Mock Exams03.06.2024Download HERE
Start of Summer Term Letter03.06.2024Download HERE
Year 13 Leavers Assembly28.05.2024Download HERE
DofE Kit List17.05.2024Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Assessed Expedition17.05.2024Download HERE
Our Values17.05.2024Download HERE
Classcharts Changes17.05.2024Download HERE
Girls Mental Health17.05.2024Download HERE
Year 8 Aston Uni13.05.2024Download HERE
RSHE Letter09.05.2024Download HERE
Year 12 Mock Exam Update08.05.2024Download HERE
Year 10 Mock Exam Update08.05.2024Download HERE
Parental Update30.04.2024Download HERE
Year 8 HPV29.04.2024Download HERE
Parental Update26.04.2024Download HERE
Parental Update22.04.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Revision22.04.2024Download HERE
Parent Advisory Forum17.04.2024Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh12.04.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Letter09.04.2024Download HERE
Summer Term Letter09.04.2024Download HERE
Year 10 Parents Evening28.03.2024Download HERE
Year 7 Parents Evening28.03.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Update Letter21.03.2024Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze14.03.2024Download HERE
French Trip 202412.03.2024Download HERE
Porto Provisional Itinerary08.03.2024Download HERE
Porto Letter08.03.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Options08.03.2024Download HERE
Year 6 Parent Transition Letter08.03.2024Download HERE
Year 6 Pupil Transition Letter08.03.2024Download HERE
Key Updates07.03.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Spring Report V207.03.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Spring Report V107.03.2024Download HERE
Year 9 take your child to work form07.03.2024Download HERE
Take your child to work07.03.2024Download HERE
Futsal Tournament07.03.2024Download HERE
Survey04.03.2024Download HERE
Revision Evening04.03.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Parents Evening29.02.2024Download HERE
Communication Letter27.02.2024Download HERE
Little Shop of Horrors26.02.2024Download HERE
Year 12 Spring Reports23.02.2024Download HERE
Little Shop of Horrors performance22.02.2024Download HERE
Easter Clinics19.02.2024Download HERE
New Term Letter19.02.2024Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh09.02.2024Download HERE
Exam Regulations09.02.2024Download HERE
Communication Letter09.02.2024Download HERE
Year 8 Spring Term Report Letter09.02.2024Download HERE
Parental Update Letter05.02.2024Download HERE
Progress Evening02.02.2024Download HERE
Paris Trip31.01.2024Download HERE
Parent Letter29.01.2024Download HERE
Maths Revision22.01.2024Download HERE
Parent Letter22.01.2024Download HERE
Year 12 & 13 Progress Evening22.01.2024Download HERE
Year 9 - Education Workshops19.01.2024Download HERE
Year 8 - Education Workshops19.01.2024Download HERE
Mock Exams17.01.2024Download HERE
Food Technology Ingredients16.01.2024Download HERE
2024 Summer Examinations15.01.2024Download HERE
Welcome back12.01.2024Download HERE
Pearson Set Assignements10.01.2024Download HERE
English Revision10.01.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Progress Evening10.01.2024Download HERE
Year 10 Report09.01.2024Download HERE
Key Stage 3 Schools Concert09.01.2024Download HERE
Bonnie and Clyde09.01.2024Download HERE
Maths Revision20.12.2023Download HERE
Attendance, Languages, Vapes and Library Books18.12.2023Download HERE
Visit to Bentley Court Care Home13.12.2023Download HERE
Year 13 Report12.12.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Report12.12.2023Download HERE
Geography Trip11.12.2023Download HERE
End of Term Letter11.12.2023Download HERE
Skiing Trip 202507.12.2023Download HERE
Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze07.12.2023Download HERE
Parents Evening06.12.2023Download HERE
GCSE Revision06.12.2023Download HERE
A Level Revision06.12.2023Download HERE
SEND pupil support29.11.2023Download HERE
Lockdown Information28.11.2023Download HERE
Parental Letter17.11.2023Download HERE
Parental Letter13.11.2023Download HERE
Remembrance Parade09.11.2023Download HERE
Nasal Flu Vaccinations07.11.2023Download HERE
Year 8 Data Collection07.11.2023Download HERE
Term Information06.11.2023Download HERE
Assessment Letter19.10.2023Download HERE
Year 13 Prom19.10.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Prom19.10.2023Download HERE
Academy Closures19.10.2023Download HERE
External Music Lessons19.10.2023Download HERE
School Nurse13.10.2023Download HERE
Exam Boards11.10.2023Download HERE
Flu Vaccinations10.10.2023Download HERE
Mock Timetable06.10.2023Download HERE
Free School Meals02.10.2023Download HERE
Paris28.09.2023Download HERE
Parents Evening28.09.2023Download HERE
Parent Letter26.09.2023Download HERE
Bursary Letter21.09.2023Download HERE
Year 7 Settling In18.09.2023Download HERE
Parents Letter13.09.2023Download HERE
Open Evening Consent Form12.09.2023Download HERE
Open Evening11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Examinations06.09.2023Download HERE
Return to School05.09.2023Download HERE