At Wednesfield Academy we are enormously excited to welcome our next cohort of Year 7 pupils.  I would like congratulate you on getting a place. 

Pupils will soon start a 5 or 7 year journey that will take them from Year 7 up to Year 11 or 13. At Wednesfield Academy pupils are provided with a broad range of opportunities to develop academically and participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  We encourage all our pupils to make the most of the provision we have on offer.

Wednesfield Academy staff are committed to ensuring every child succeeds and achieves their potential.  Every Wednesfield Academy pupil should have ambitious plans for their future studies and careers, and this is something we foster and develop as a school. 

We have high expectations of our pupils, from their conduct and behaviour in school and out in the community, to wearing their uniform with pride. 

Our website is an important source of information and communication, and we are always happy to answer any queries. 

We are so pleased you have chosen Wednesfield Academy for our values and determination for your child to succeed. This exciting journey starts now!

Year 6 Information for Parents' Evening

Tuesday 2nd July 2024 5pm - 7pm.

Uniform Expectations

Dress for Success

Contact Home

Our school must be seen as part of a wider community which includes parents, carers, friends and neighbours, upon whose cooperation we depend. We feel that home-school contact is important if pupils are to obtain the full benefit from their education. If you wish to contact the school on any matter, please write to or phone your child’s Head of House or email:

If you wish to see the Headteacher about a most serious matter, please write to, email the school postbox or telephone and make an appointment for a mutually convenient time. Relatively routine matters should always be referred to the Head of House in the first instance.

Conversely, if serious problems present themselves at school, the Head of House or a senior member of staff will ask to see you. If this happens, the problem is serious and we ask for your full support in the interests of your child.

The school Newsletter and school letters are published electronically on our website to keep you informed about all school matters. We use a text messaging service to share updates with parents and carers. It is pivotal that you ensure the school has your most up to date contact details at all times to enable us to communicate and update you via our text message service.

Progress Evenings

Parents are expected to attend all Progress Evenings for each year group. Details will be sent out in advance, and these meetings are seen as a vital part of the communication process between home and school. Other information evenings are also held for parents and details are published separately for these events on our school website.

The School Day



Using Your Planner

On your first day you will be issued with a planner. 

You will use this to: 

  • Record a copy of your personal timetable.
  • Make of note of homework that is set and when it is due.
  • Show your parents/carers what work is being set and pass messages to your Form Tutor.
  • Record any detentions that might be set.
  • Record any Catch Ups or Redo sessions with your teachers.

Your parents/carers will sign your planner every week to show that they have seen all of your homework and to confirm that you have passed on any messages.

You will be able to collect praise points from your teachers and staff for your effort, behaviour and work as well as your contributions to school life.

Praise will be recognised by your Form Tutor, Head of House and Leadership.