Why we love languages.

Our vision for learning French at Wednesfield Academy is to broaden pupils’ cultural horizons and to prepare them to be global citizens of the wider world. We aim to open opportunities to travel and experience different countries and cultures. We strive to equip the students with advanced communication skills, boost their confidence and prepare them for their future endeavours.

Research has shown that learning another language increases pupils’ prospects in both their future education and careers. Language learning embeds skills that are highly valued in the academic and professional world.

At Wednesfield Academy, we believe that language learning is a fundamental part of the curriculum, which all young people should access and enjoy. Language learning opens eyes and doors, enabling our pupils and students to enter the world as more eloquent, confident and open-minded global citizens.

We follow a GCSE course in French to develop the range of skills needed to be a successful language learner: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Grammatical structures are developed in lessons to enable pupils to produce increasingly complex constructions and express themselves in a variety of ways.

By the end of their time with us, pupils will have explored and promoted cultural differences, become more inclusive and improved their self-belief. Pupils will take a love of languages with them into their adult lives.